The Ninth World

Into the Vortex

Episode 2

While traveling through the wilderness the group comes across a ultra-dimensional structure, while examining it a group of robed figures walk up the structure. The group does not interfere. Once the group enters,  the structure disappear. 

The groups travels to a village as planned. It turns out that the robe figures travel to the village on a regular basis they are regarded favorably. However one village is harboring a fugitive from the robe people. A teen and her younger brother were kidnapped by the robed people. 

The group agrees to free the brother and using a logbook left by one of the robed people make there way to the next sight of the structure.  They make their way into the machine and work their way through a labyrinth to the living space of the the yellow robes. They are able to make there way in undetected and through illusions convince the brother to leave. 

At the entrance chamber the group is ambushed by the  three men in robes. They kill all but one and leave.  The children are reunited and Calo takes them under his wing. 


manyallaluk manyallaluk

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