The Ninth World

Roll for Ruin

The party left Diane and Xeati at Dirus in search of ruins that may contain the ultra-dimensional numenera the seek. They found themselves in a swamp entering a swamp, at points they could see large spires in the distances. They were forced to flee Sathosh raiding parties after they kill several Sathoth in a fight. They were able to avoid further fights in the ruined city. 

The group found their way into the central building in the ruins. After encountering several strange devices and creatures they found 3 functional ultra-dimensional devices. 

Mother Machine Part 2
Episode 3

The group enters the settlement of Dirus. They take Radan to the house of Hadorm a very unfriendly person. Hadorm is clearly not equip to treat Radan's injuries. Radan tells Hadorm that the beasts are after them.  Outside the group means Elder Brall the leader of the encampment. She is unsure of why the beast, they named tarza, are singling out some individuals but gives them all she knows. After speaking to Norwa, a resident whose husband was killed, and finding the hunter Galken's house empty they group sets off into the wilderness.

They find the site of a dead Tarza and successfully salvage some organs and tech. They also run into Galken who is fleeing a monstrosity he says is creating the tarza. The Group go to where he says this thing is and find a clearing with a large floating jelly-like sack laying eggs into mechanical pods. Unsure of how to deal this new threat, Toni approaches the floating creature which beings to speak. The 'Mother' of the tarza is seeking to destroy a out break of Cinomar Duplicates which have started infecting the people of Dirus. The group decides to help out the 'Mother' and returns to Dirus.

 Xeati and two tarza surround the town while the rest of the group goes to confront Hadorm and Radan. Radan is in a coma from the poison and Hadorm attacks the group but is quickly slain. Hearing shouting from outside the group finds Xeati and the tarza trying to enter the town with guards and people in terror. Grall is revealed to be a Cinomar and is killed trying to escape. 

Into the Vortex
Episode 2

While traveling through the wilderness the group comes across a ultra-dimensional structure, while examining it a group of robed figures walk up the structure. The group does not interfere. Once the group enters,  the structure disappear. 

The groups travels to a village as planned. It turns out that the robe figures travel to the village on a regular basis they are regarded favorably. However one village is harboring a fugitive from the robe people. A teen and her younger brother were kidnapped by the robed people. 

The group agrees to free the brother and using a logbook left by one of the robed people make there way to the next sight of the structure.  They make their way into the machine and work their way through a labyrinth to the living space of the the yellow robes. They are able to make there way in undetected and through illusions convince the brother to leave. 

At the entrance chamber the group is ambushed by the  three men in robes. They kill all but one and leave.  The children are reunited and Calo takes them under his wing. 

Mother Machine Part 1
Episode 1

Players travel through wilderness in search of ultra-dimensional numnera. While foraging they slay a feral aneen. There are some interpersonal conflicts between the newest member of the group and traveling band. 

On the road they find a merchant being attacked by a beast. They attempted to protect the man and successfully scare off the animal. The beast is obviously biologically engineered and seems uninterested in attacking the players. 

The groups finds the man have been injected with a fast acting poison. 

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Spire of the Hunting Sound #1
Free RPG Day 2017

An Airship headed for Qi disappears as is not heard from again. 


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